Secure Your Property

C&S Home Services provides a range of services to secure private and commercial properties. Whether it's the end of tenancy or closing up of a shop/office, we can help you secure your property to the highest of standards. Our service is discreet and professional and we can act quickly and flexibly if required. Please contact us for a quotation.

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    Shutting Off Utilities

    Should you need to secure your home/property for a period of time, C&S Home Services will shut off all electricity, heating and water services allowing your home/property to remain secure for as long as you need.

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    Clean and Clear (Chattel Service)

    Are you preparing a rented property for new tenants? Or perhaps getting a commercial property ready for a new lease? C&S provides a full clean and clear service. We'll leave the property like new for new tenants or potential buyers.

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    Changing Locks (Locksmith Service)

    When securing a home or property it's critical that locks on doors, windows and gates are fortified and this may require changing the existing locks.

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    Emergency Call Out Service

    Often our clients need to secure a rented house or commercial property very quickly. C&S Home Services provide a fast reliable service should you need to quickly secure your property.